PSG salary makes Neymar the most expensive player in the world

PSG salary makes Neymar the most expensive player in the world

The reckoning for a sure-again replenishment of Paris Saint-Germain – Neymar will receive 45 million euros a year in his new club. According to the BBC, the Brazilian will sign his contract under a weekly salary of € 865,000 before taxing the tax.

Barcelona’s leadership has already made clear that Parisians have to pay the full amount of the ransom clause in the striker’s contract, namely 222 million euros. This means that the total amount with which the PSG should be divided to have Neymar in its composition amounts to 400 million euros, including the Brazilian wages under his 5-year contract.

According to Forbes magazine, Neymar is currently the only player to earn more money from sponsorship contracts and off-field commitments than from his contract with Barca.

The 25-year-old Brazilian national is the face of some of the world’s most popular brands in various areas of trade that provide him with an income of $ 22 million per year, compared to just 15 million of his salary in the Catalan.

However, this is about to change when he finalizes his transfer to PSG and starts collecting 45 million euros a year before tax.

The amount is larger than the Argentinean genius Leo Messi, who, on unconfirmed information, buys 557,000 euros a week after signing a new contract with Barcelona. Cristiano Ronaldo gets even less – “barely” 407,000 euros in seven days.

So Neymar is about to become the most expensive player in the world, moving another Argentinean Carlos Tevez from the first position in this ranking. The striker of Shanghai Shenhua currently receives a weekly salary of nearly 700,000 euros.

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