Official: Barcelona has a new coach

Official: Barcelona has a new coach

Barcelona’s leadership decides who will succeed Luis Enrique in the coaching position of Camp Nou. Only hours after the possibility of Lucio Juan Carlos Carlos Unsue’s old assistant to take the helm of the Catalans and he headed for Celta, the los coules executives finally turned to Ernesto Valverde, whose contract would be for a period of 2 + 1 years. Former Athletic Bilbao’s mentor will take both the most trusted people he works with and the Basques – John Aspiasu, who will be his first assistant, as well as Jose Antonio Posanco, whose responsibility will be physical training.

The trio has been working together since the 2008/2009 season, when it led Olympiacos to the title in Greece. 53-year-old Valverde was a major favorite for Barcelona’s next coach, though the names of Eusebius Sakristan and Ronald Koemman were also touched by the season. He has two seasons in Barca since his years as a professional footballer, and between 1988 and 1990 he won the King and the KNC Cup. As a coach he led the city’s rivals Espanyol, as well as Villarreal, Valencia, Olympiakos, Athletic Bilbao and Bilbao Athletic, the second team of the “lions” from Biscay. The official presentation of Ernesto Valverde will be held on Thursday.

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