Real Madrid put the crown of Spain!

Real Madrid put the crown of Spain!
Real Madrid‘s team is Spain’s new champion for record 33rd time! Tonight, Zinedine Zidane’s boys won 2-0 as Malaga guests in a match from the last round of La Liga and triumphed with the trophy for the first time since the 2011/2012 season. The Los Blancos needed at least a point when they came to La Rosalaca and managed to win after Kristiano Ronaldo (2) and Karim Benzema (55). Stolichani can reach a famous double if after two weeks defeat Juventus in the Champions League final in Cardiff.

Zinedine Zidane bet on his traditional lineup, releasing Isco near Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. Danilo took the place of injured Daniel Carvahal. Mitchell relied on 4-2-3-1 with central striker Sandro Ramirez.
“Los Blancos” pulled in the score less than two minutes after the match began. The hosts’ defense gave the ball to Isco, who put out a free kick for Cristiano, the Portuguese player finishing the goalie and undisturbed realizing for 0: 1. In the 11th, Isco centered softly on Benzema, who did not get well.

The Andalusian team showed their teeth in attack with sharpness on the flanks. In the 13th Sandro invaded the left and fired powerfully in the near corner – Keelor Navas was in the right place and screaming. A minute later, Benzema took the far beam and shot from a small angle – the ball ricocheted and went into the corner. In the 21st Sandro shot a great bomb of nearly 30-meter free kick. The globe was coming in with a terrible force right in the juncture, but Navas was sacrificed and killed. Costa Rican made a great rescue and struck painfully in the beam.
In the 28th Los Merenges organized a speed action, Cristiano and Luca Modric made a double shot, the Portuguese shot, but was stopped by a sword in the penalty area. In the 30th, Benzema’s head was in the right place to stop Nacho Kamacho’s head from a dangerous shot. In the 34th Isko found Karim, he came into the penalty and lowered. Real Madrid’s Malaga has missed out, as well as a host defender, Ronaldo has mastered and fired, but Carlos Kamen has made a remarkable rescue.

In the 36th Tony Kroos, he kicked a long distance, Kamieni stepped in, but dropped the ball, then caught it in front of Benzema, who was ambushed. Sandro continues to pursue his goal with a series of hits. In the 37th he fouls the ball directly from the corner and Navas managed to knock over the beam.
After the second corner, Sandro struggled briefly and fired powerfully across the diagonal. Keko put his head and made the ball even more dangerous, but he took it a little out. In the 41st Johnnie centered on the left, Sergio Ramos stayed under the ball and Keko shot very dangerously with his head on the diagonal but the ball did not fall into the outline of the door. Halfway through the half-way, the guests of the Santiago Bernabeu took advantage of the early mistake of the “white-blue” defense.

The second part began with a chance at the white door. In the 49th minute, Recio got into the penalty area and shot in the goalkeeper’s body. A minute later Federico Rica played the ball at the sword and continued his foot to Ronaldo’s. The Portuguese beat for about a minute, but eventually he got up and continued playing.
The 55th Madridians scored a very controversial second goal. After a corner kick, Ramos did not manage to score, Kamien’s cellar, the ball thumped off Raphael Varan’s chest and hit Benzema’s foot, which he realized closely. The repetitions showed that there was an ambush of the French shooter at the moment of the ricochets in Varan’s chest. Spanish media judge judges also confirmed that there was an ambush.

In the 58th southerners received a present from Casemiro and made a new pass. Sandro broke into the penalty area and headed to Keko, who only won the corner. When cornering, Navas plunges and catches. In the 76th Navas, he did not take a chance and knocked in the corner after Kachamo’s treacherous attack. Two minutes later Camacho shot his head a little above the beam. Reserve Alvaro Morata suffered a heavy blow, but Kami rebelled and killed. In the 90th Gonzalo Castro is very powerful, but the crossbar is shaken.
Eventually Real Madrid is the new champion of Spain. “Los Blancos” achieved their own and triumphed in La Liga, showing that they are the most stable team in the league. On June 3, Madrid will try to make a double, raising for the 12th time the trophy in the Champions League.

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