Real Madrid – Valencia

Real Madrid’s team recorded its second victory for the week and after triumphing as Deportivo La Coruna’s guest, Valencia’s Valencia FC now submits 2-1 to Santiago Bernabeu. Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many of Zinedine Zidane’s main figures returned to the Royal Club’s eleven after the experimental formation in Galicia and the Portuguese was overshadowed by an unexpected hero although he was in the spotlight after scoring Goal and missed a penalty. Daniel Pareho’s absolute masterpiece made the guests dream, but for a very short time, because in the final minutes, Marcello brought the three points to his team with a winning goal, who returned the capital to La Liga because Barcelona (78 points) played later today With the city’s rival Espanyol. In addition, Real has a postponed match with Celta Vigo.

Santi Mina missed the opening in the second minute when he broke behind the home defense and shot, but Navas saved, and Mina’s repeated shot went off to the left beam. Real players quickly overcame the more active start from the Valencian players and settled for longer in the opposing half, and the more interesting was that the guests who now have black jerseys did not close themselves in deaf defense and used every chance To throw themselves in speed attacks forward. The first better opportunity for the “white” came in the tenth minute when, after a series of centered Benzema, he shot his head but did not seriously threaten Alves. The debut strike at the beams was two minutes after that, and it was again done with Benzema. Zidane’s players plan to step up their actions forward and patiently work to create a real chance.

Fabian Oreyana fits perfectly between Madrid’s central defenders in the 17th minute, but eyes on Kayor Navas shoots lightly and inaccurately with his left foot, devastating the situation. Real’s lightning reaction consisted of a strike on Benzema’s land from the border of the penalty area, which did not make much of Diego Alves. Daniel Pareho received the first yellow card in the 20th minute after an unreasonable entry into the hands of Chames in a position comfortable for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese, however, shot a great shot over the door from a direct free kick 28 meters from the door.

Lato was penalized with a yellow card for his first defeat after stopping with a foul at the speed of Carvahal just outside the penalty area in the 25th minute. Hames Rodriguez did not hesitate to shoot directly, but he turned the ball too much and sent it a little over the right door assembly. Real Madrid‘s pressure grew stronger – Cristiano pulled the visitors’ net after a 1-0 head shot in the 27th minute, making Carvahall the center of assistance.

Almost immediately after that, Pareho fired a penalty shot in front of Real’s penalty but did not make any great trouble for the goal keeper in the 30th minute. Voro’s players were unable to find a response to the Madrid press, and they were hard to bring the ball, betting on rare counter-attacks in the remaining quarter-hour to the break. Barcelona’s Junior Mounir missed one of the rare opportunities for Valencians, shooting away from the goal in the 44th minute after he had cleared his way out of the custody of two defenders in white.

In the early minutes of the second half Valencia stayed in half of Real, but without creating something more dangerous, and almost instantly metropolitans again forced their will and calmed down things. In the 52nd minute, Casemiro got his second yellow card for the season, but nothing happened after the free kick. The chance was not on the side of Benzema again in the 55th minute, when No. 9 sent a bomb jam in the side pillar of the door. The leather ball remained in play, in the possession of Luka Modrich, who was seconds after this pass was fired near the frame and the judge steadfastly ordered a penalty for the violation.

Ronaldo had the responsibility to shoot from the white point but continued the tradition of not having a great success against Diego Alves in 11 meters. This time, the Portuguese Goliath fired on land in the lower left corner, and Alves saved it and thus has a 75% success rate against Cristiano – three rescued from four penalties. In the 63rd minute, Valencia had claims because Munir fell into the opposing penalty area, but the guests’ requests were not respected.

Another good chance for Los Merrens came just 10 minutes after Christiano missed – in the 65th minute, Hamers Rodriguez fired with a free kick at 18 meters and almost frontily against the door, but the ball came to the wall by defenders with Black teams and orange shorts. 60 seconds later the Colombian left the pitch and Marco Asencio entered his place.

In the 70th minute, entering Nani Rodrigo Moreno as a reserve, he received a nearly perfect pass-through pass and defeated Real’s defense, but did not focus the ball well, and she went out.
The hosts gently backed away, allowing Valencia to lift his head and look more to the gateway guarded by Napas, but clear golfer was missing. A quarter of an hour before the end, Real’s counter-attack was halted by the visiting team’s defense just before Alvaro Morata’s three-minute-long game kicked off at a distance of 10-12 meters. In the 80th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo raised the coach’s hair and fans after he caught the back of his leg but quickly rose to his feet after contact with an opponent.

Danny Parejo regained the equalizer, scoring 1-1 in the 82nd minute. The captain sent a free kick from a direct free kick to the close corner of Keelor ??Navas, who caught the ball, but failed to prevent the equalizing goal of the Valencians. Mestyya’s 10th team, however, lifted an apologetic hand after a goal because he was just a real Juventus player.

Four minutes before the end of the regular time, Marsello’s Arieen Robben-style Marsello brought his team’s victory. Brazilian defender defeated the left flank, and his weaker right foot scored for 2: 1.

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