Manchester United will finish the tournament in Brussels

Manchester United will finish the tournament in Brussels

Manchester United is taking Belgian Anderlecht tonight at 20.05 in the rematch of the 1/4-Finals of the Europa League. The first meeting in Brussels finished 1:1, which is a good starting point for the ultimate success of the Reds.

The English team is the favorite to win the trophy, which will provide him with a place in the Champions League teams in the new season, which is the main goal of the Jose Mourinho team. Manchester United does not perform as expected in the league and the chance to stay out of the places eligible to participate in the most prestigious European club tournament is quite large.
Over the weekend, Manchester United beat 2-0 Chelsea’s Chelsea Chelsea with confidence and self-confidence before rebounding with Anderlecht.

“We are too big for this tournament,” said manager Jose Mourinho, who does not suffer from unnecessary modesty.

The big news from Old Trafford is that striker Wayne Rooney is recovering from a trauma and may take a seat on the bench. At the door will be the Sergio Romero Reserve.

The story is entirely on the side of Manchester United in matches with a Belgian team home. The Red Devils have won their last four home games against Bulgarian teams, three of which were against Anderlecht with a 21:2 goal difference.
Anderlecht did not win the Island in 17 games, allowing a goal in each game.

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