Atletico Madrid scored 1-0 over Leicester at his Vicente Calderon stadium

Atletico Madrid scored 1-0 over Leicester at his Vicente Calderon stadium in the first quarterfinals of the Champions League. Antoine Grozman of the penalty kick in the 28th minute brought the victory to the Spaniards, but the English champion retains the chances of turning things into a rematch.

As early as the 4th minute, the “mats” were very close to taking the lead. Half Coke received the ball from Antoine Grossman and a great shot from outside the penalty area hit a beam. Shortly thereafter, Yannick Ferreira Karasco fired out with a shot from the near-distance air.
Throughout the game, Craig Shakespeare’s players did not create a 100 percent goal, but the “mats” did not manage to create enough hazards for Kasper Schmeichel’s door.

In the 28th minute Atletico led with 1: 0 in the result after a penalty shot of Antoine Grizzman. After a lightning counter, Grizzman took over the ball in his half, advanced and around the corner of the penalty area was knocked down by Mark O’Brienton. Referee Jonas Erickson found that the violation had been committed in the pennant and pointed to the white dot, and TV repetitions showed that his decision was quite controversial. Either way, Grizzman did not make a mistake and took Diego Simeone’s team to the front.
Fourth hour after the break, Fernando Torres could have made the score 2-0, but slipped just before he hit.

Two minutes before the finish, Angel Korea’s reserve threatened Casper Schumacher’s door, but it did not reach the goal.

In the end, Atletico Madrid congratulated her with a minimal but valuable tournament victory, not allowing the foxes to score that important goal on a foreign field.

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