Italian champion Juventus beat Barcelona 3:0 at home

Italian champion Juventus beat Barcelona 3: 0 at home in the first match of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Paulo rack (7 and 22) and Dzhordzho Kielini (55) sent in Barcelona knockdown. On the eighth-finals “blue-red” fell 0: 4 Paris Saint-Germain, but now their situation seems even worse because against them is the Italian machine from Turin.

Massimiliano Allegri 4-2-3-1 sort of striker Gonzalo Higuain supported by the troika Juan Cuadrado, Paulo Dybala and Mario Mandzukic. Luis Enrique again bet on 3-4-3, playing the game sinner last meeting Zheremi Matiyo. Javier Mascherano replacing penalties Sergio Busquets in midfield. Barca had to rely on the three big stars Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar.

The hosts started the match with predatory press. Already in the 20th second was firing at the door of the guests. Marc-Andre ter clamps mistake at the distant pass, the ball came to Sami Khedira which from shooting from the arc – over the bar. In the third minute header from a Miralem Pyanich foul Gonzalo Higuain had plenty fired head, but found the body of the keeper, who flinched for a moment, but then caught.

In the seventh minute powerful game “Bianconeri” bring home. Cuadrado rushed right and the lack of left-back at Barca get freedom and to assist rack. Argentine striker elegantly tame the ball in the box and from shooting accurately to perfection on the diagonal ball and proved unstoppable – 1: 0.

Gradually “moose Kulesza” poiznesoha game ahead, but very, very difficult to organize their attack. The Italian team took almost every scrimmage, while Barca defenders are forced to clean away. In the 21st minute Messi invent masterful through ball to Andres Iniesta. Captain properly seek immediate impact on the diagonal, but Dzhanluidzhi Bufon stood with professorial intervention.

Only a minute later torintsi scored a second goal. The attack Juve gained sharpness left, Diba got absolutely alone in front of the penalty area and struck the ball with instant shot in the corner – 2: 0. Mascherano was a few meters from his compatriot in “white-black” and that allow the rack to shoot without worry.

In the 30th Messi knock the ball the hosts, but after the whistle. Leo took the edge permitted by Khedira, but Suarez was obvious offside. In the 37th Cuadrado again received corridor on the right, he goes back to Pyanich whose shot was quite inaccurate. In the 39th Mathieu centered half-height, Suarez fired head, the ball bounced off Dzhordzho Kielini but his happiness does not come in the door. At the end of the half the hosts came close to a third goal. In the 44 th Mascherano again late, Higuain strike, Ter Buck not got enough confidence and luck that Mathieu tipped over for a corner. Overall in the first half the hosts inflicted two heavy beats and seriously hampered the game to the Spanish champion.

Vacation Luis Enrique replace Mathieu Andre Gomes. Mascherano became the third in defense while Portuguese seized a supporting midfielder. In the 46th minute Messi tried to put the Luis Suarez, Bonucci came first to the ball but it to the Argentine, who shot from 18 meters and put it very close to the crossbar – out. In counter-attack Khedira from shooting powerfully from 20 meters Ter Buck did not move and the ball went dangerously past the post.

In the 50th Mascherano brought Suarez, Uruguay somehow got through, but Buffon was faster. In the 52 th number 9 of “los Kulesza” collected in the box and centered the ball was cleared to the rainbow, where Iniesta bet on strength and sent the ball just over the bar. A minute later, Higuain spun the ball to the left corner of the goalkeeper – German was prepared and capture. In the 54th El Pippi offside trap and unmarked Ter Buck shot in his body. That was the situation one hundred percent, but the Argentine could seek and parallel to the goal line pass to Diba.

In the 55th Italians inflicted a third cruel blow. A corner kick Mascherano struggled with hands Chiellini, but he could not want to play with your head and focus accurately on the diagonal 3: 0. In the 67th Messi gave brilliant Luis Suarez and the Uruguayan missed face to face with the goalkeeper. In the 69th Neymar shot from the arc, the ball bounced off the chest of Chiellini and then in his outstretched hand. The judge considered that it was not a penalty.

In the 71 th Mandzhukich came very sharply at the feet of Sergi Roberto, but the arbitrator saw no reason to stop the game. Only a minute later, the Judge made a mistake and raised his flag for offside. Khedira was in regular position after his pass and the ball went into the net, but the game was already stopped. In the 75th Sergi Roberto get the ball into the right side of the box, go back to Suarez, who from shooting very wide.
In the 78th Lemina losses Neymar got space left, handed to Suarez who tried to miss for Messi, but failed to do so. In the 80th Messi crossed to the far post for Yumtiti, the French defender was in excellent position but remained under the ball. In the 87th Messi got a great chance to score from a free kick, but turned into the wall. In the ensuing scuffle Suarez grabbing the ball but Chiellini again handle. At the end Allegri cements protection with more defenders and his players skillfully pushed the game in the midst of struggle.

Juve made a giant step towards half-finals. Barcelona showed that humiliation in Paris is not an accident. Tonight Barca were trampled on “Juventus Stadium”. The second leg is in eight days. “Camp Nou” will again be filled with faith for a new spectacular twist, but this time even less people believe in the miracle.

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