Tonight is the big clash of the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Tonight is the big clash of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Against each other stand Juventus and Barcelona. Both teams have old scores to settle from the final in 2015 when Barcelona won 3: 1 against today’s opponent. Italians say they do not go for revenge, but almost certainly will subconsciously want to avenge that loss that deprive them of that dream trophy.

Barcelona reached this stage of the tournament in a very dramatic way after the turn against Paris Saint Germain. Barcelona however are definitely hesitant lately. This shows both the loss in the first game of Parisians (0: 4) and the defeat in the last round of Primera Malaga (0: 2).

Meanwhile, Juve is headed for a sixth consecutive title in the series “A”, but the ultimate dream of all fans is the team to triumph in the Champions League. Here, again, the path of torintsi stands Barca and again the team should demonstrate the best if it wants to move forward.

The great advantage of the “Bianconeri” that are totally dominant in home games. The team unbeaten in Turin from August 2015. In tournaments the team also performed well with more than 21 consecutive games without defeat at home.

So far, Juventus and Barca have met just seven times. Italians have 2 wins and Spaniards – 3 2 meetings even completed a draw.

The good news for Massimiliano Allegri is that striker Mario Mandzukic has been restored and will be ready to play for the meeting tonight. Meanwhile, Luis Enrique can not rely on penalties Sergio Busquets.

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