Barcelona misses title

Barcelona misses title
Champion of Spain Barcelona suffered a surprise defeat 0:2 away to Malaga in a match of 31 th round of La Liga and make a very complicated task to protect the title. His thoughts to battle with Juventus in the Champions League, Barca were shocked at ‘La Rosaleda’ goal after Sandro Ramirez (32) and hit Johnny (90). Neymar made a big stupidity in the 65th minute and earn a second yellow card – the first of tying a shoe over the ball and the second infringement attack. So “Los Kulesza” did not benefit from equality of Real Madrid and remain three points less than “white” and Madrid have a game in hand.

Luis Enrique bet on 4-3-3, putting Javier Mascherano at right fullback. The composition of the Catalan team, as usual, started with three in attack, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar. The former player of Barcelona Sandro Ramirez led the attack on the Andalusian team in a 4-2-3-1 system.
With the start of the match guests of “Camp Nou” Mastering the ball and patiently studied the protection of your opponent. In the 13th minute Messi handed to Andre Gomes of the penalty area, where Portuguese losses. Within the same minute Luis Suarez got the right, centered and a bit of malagiytsi player to score an own goal. Actually flag the linesmen was raised, but replays clearly showed that there was no ambush.

In the 16th Jordi Alba threw long pass at the right moment, Luis Suarez was offside trap, collected breasts alone with the keeper and shoot without delay – Carlos Kameni got a hand out and tipped. In the 22 th the sight of Messi cheated when shot from a free kick. A minute later, Marc-Andre ter tight wrong foot submission, indulging ball Recio. Midfielder hosts do not orient well and ball wide.

In the 30th Andre Gomes was set up by Messi in a great position in the box, but if not stepped firmly enough and allowed to be blocked by Roberto Rosales. In the 32 th defense of “los Kulesza” “sleep” and conceded goal. Sandro Ramirez walked behind center and received long pass ahead of Zheremi Matiyo, dashed himself against goalie and technically rolled the ball into the corner – 1: 0. In the 39th create tension before Kameni after a corner, but neither Mathieu nor Gomes managed to shoot. By the end of halftime Barca not invented anything interesting. At the same time, “Los blaugranas” earn three “naive” yellow cards, complicating the task even more.

Luis Enrique responds to rest and join the game Andres Iniesta and Sergi Roberto. The second part starts with a chance in front of Terre tight. In the 48th minute Huanpi neatly in the box and was stopped by Yumtiti. In the 51st Messi from shooting too high of a foul. Five minutes later, La Pulga dealt another blow from 20 meters that did not work. In the 57th Iniesta wrong ball through the middle, Sergio Busquets could not fix it and walked acute counter to Malaga. Sandro put Huanpi wonderful position, then the number 10 instantly shot – in the hands of Ter tight.
In the 60th Nei Junior made an interesting trick by the byline, picked from zero angle hit the near post. Paco Alkaser shift impersonal Andre Gomes in an attempt to strengthen the attack. In the 62 th Messi cleverly put Neymar on the edge of the ambush, the Brazilian centered Luis Suarez missed, but there was for whom. In the 64th Leo figured lovely through ball to Luis Suarez, but the Uruguayan headed in the wrong direction and shut corner. There was a kick to Neymar, who failed to score with a header from point penalty.

In the 65th Neymar earn a very stupid second yellow card. Brazilian commits an offense of assault and left with their man short. In the 71 th Adalberto Penyaranda knock the ball TER tight. The judge override goals for alleged handball in controlling the ball. Surely there was no ambush. In the 78th Sergi Roberto was brought down outside the penalty area. Replays showed that the infringement in the box, but the referee decided it was outside and appoint violation. Messi failed in yet another performance from a free kick – the wall. In the 80th Charlize squandered a great counter the hosts, firing in reach of the goalkeeper.
In the end it was obvious that barselontsi not force meaningful actions, but defense allowing dangerous barbs. Sergi Roberto threw a lot of strength and was the engine of the attacks, but it was not enough. In the 90th minute he fell a second goal in goalkeeper. Yumtiti covered ambush Charlize hurried, go back to the reserve Johnny, who realized without goalkeeper – 2:0.

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